This website is for my family history. I am Roger Creagh-Osborne and most of the stuff here concerns my immediate relations including my ancestors and descendants, plus my uncles, aunts, and first cousins, and various partners. Not much in the way of second cousins since I've never met most of them...

The whole site consists of two sections. Pages that look like this one are stories, biographies, galleries, events and so on - more discursive and visual. Most stuff on this part is publicly visible but you do need to be a family member to log in and add comments and your own pictures and stories (please do).

The other part is the Genealogy bit - the pages there have a different heading and look a bit different and are all about people and their facts of life and death and relationships. In that part anything concerning living people is private - unless you are a family member and sign in - when everything will be revealed.

If you have an account you can login here for this main site and here for the Genealogy section. To request an account to sign in to both sites please fill in the form here. It might take a couple of days for me to get round to processing it - please be patient, life goes on...


This website is about my ancestors and some of their descendants. It is actually in two parts:

  • the part you are reading now, which contains (or more accurately will contain) background information, biographies, pictures, notes and general links.
  • the part that you will find under "Genealogy" in the top menu here which contains and displays the actual genealogical information - names, relationships, dates etc. 

When you are viewing pages in this section there is always a menu at the top of the page which includes the link to the Genealogy section

When you are in the Genealogy section there is a different menu at the top - look for the link to "Site Home" to get back to this section.

Some links in this section may take you directly to a person or family in the Genealogy section, and some links there will bring you back to a page here.

In the Genealogy section you cannot view any living person's details (including their name) unless you are signed-in. To request an account contact me.

The genealogy is contained in a "gedcom" file which is a standard format for exchanging family tree information. If you would like a copy of my data to merge into your own family tree then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The framework that is used to display the data on that part of the website is open source software called Webtrees

The gedcom format is optimised for dealing with hard facts - names, dates etc - and is less useful when it comes to chunks of formatted text - articles, opinions, quotes - and galleries of images. The webtrees framework is also optimised for displaying gedcom data, and trying to fit more general information into it is a stretch. Hence this part of the website uses a different open source framework - Joomla - which is much better for organising and displaying general articles.

There is now quite a lot of basic information in the family tree part. There is a big gap for my paternal grandmothers family - I know nothing apart from her name - Mabel Frances (Jane) Taylor. For the male line there is good data on the Creagh-Osborne/Creagh family back to the 18th century and some presumptions back to the 16th Century and earlier. On the maternal side, thanks to the researches of Richard Muir (my first cousin once removed) there is a wealth of information back to the late 18th Century. 

Family members are welcome to request a login account using this form. You will get added with the same username to both this site and the genealogy pages. Unfortunately you will have to login separately to each every time - and you'll have to request a password reset on the genealogy pages before you can login there...I'll try and simplify it if there is much demand.