Granny's 80th Birthday party was held at Polmaily. The hotel that Nick and Alison were running at Drumnadrochit down the North side of Loch Ness from Inverness. It was a large gathering, in the 10 years since the 70th the first four great grandchidren had arrived and although Edward Muir and John Neall had died, it seems that EHP's nephew and niece were present as well as various others I can't identify. 

Although the birthday is in the summer (June 11th), the event was held in the winter out of season so we could all stay at Polmaily. Black tie for dinner - not that I have ever had one, but I seem to have rustled up some kind of dark suit and a tie, not really my style at the time (or ever!).

ehp 80 1

Here is a key:

Again we have one person we can't identify so far - who is that between David C and Kathleen?

It looks like John Pretty was missing this time, although his brother David is next to me in the back row - presumably on leave from the Navy.

Comments, thoughts and recollections please. Also any more photos you happen to have of this or other events in the pre-digital camera age.

I think this was the event at Polmaily that we came up to on the train from Cornwall - how did you get there?



#2 Roger C-O 2020-04-23 21:21
ah yes - I had forgotten that - probably because we weren't there and only heard about it later. I think we probably came up on the sleeper and arrived the following morning.
#1 Fiona 2020-04-23 12:21
This event was also memorable for the chimney fire the night before the party, Jenny P raised the alarm, all of us staying at Polmaily evacuated and the fire brigade arrived to save the night (and the house); The following morning EHP was seriously miffed to have slept through it all!

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