Concerning Maj.Gen.Michael Creagh's involvement in containing an outbreak of Cholera in Sunderland in 1831 - for which service he was knighted.

This page will concern the fight between John Paul Jones, commander of The Bonhommie Richard,  and Richard Pearson, commander of the Serapis, during the american war of independence...

This text is taken from the Muir Family Tree website created in 2000 by Francis Muir as a 70th birthday present for his father Richard Francis Muir. The research is by Richard who has an archive of original material. 

Helena Elizabeth Gordon Angelo (née Cumming) was my Great Great Great Grandmother, her daughter, also called Helena, was five at the time of the events. The family returned to the UK, Helena Adelaide Cortlandt Angelo, my Great Great Grandmother, married Richard Whiteway and her daughter Logie Elizabeth Whiteway, my Great Grandmother, married William Edward Muir and her daughter was Elizabeth Helen Muir, my Grandmother. Logie and Richard's son Edward was my Great Uncle and his son Richard Francis Muir, who did the research, is thus my first cousin once removed and Richard's son Francis, who produced the Muir family site, is my second cousin. 

Anyway, that who is who now and how we are related. This piece is Helena Elizabeth Gordon Angelo's diary of her escape from Cawnpore during the Indian Mutiny of 1857. I am uncertain where the original now is.