Granny (EHP)'s 70th birthday family gathering was held in the New Forest around 11th June 1977 at Jenny & Robert's gaff.

This was the original honeycomb picture, put together by Johnnie I think (I seem to remember him tearing his hair out over getting pictures of the right size from everybody - and not everyone was there.

Granny added some additional pictures around the edge as births and marriages proceeded but this was the original as presented:


Here is a key to the honeycomb.


Of course this one only included children and grandchildren and married partners.

EHP only had one brother (Edward) who was still alive at this time (died in 1979), his wife Evelyn died in 1964 and they had two children - Richard Muir, married to Christine, and Anne Muir. See the Genealogy part of the site for more.



Here is the group picture taken on the day - there is still one unidentifed face, next to Richard N and between Diana at the back and Martin in the front - can you help?

Here is a key

And for bonus points can anyone name the dog? (hint it is not Doggy Mac-Dog-Face). Comments below...(you'll need to be family and register to sign in)