Andrew Creagh, 1550

Andrew Creagh
Birth 1550

MarriageEllen FitzgeraldView this family

Birth of a son
Pierce Creagh
1580 (Age 30 years)


Commonly called Maighgagh. Constable of the Castle of Limerick

From History of Limerick by M.Lenihan 1866 (p576) from an old manuscript - "here followeth the antiquity, genealogie, and explaination of the most ancient family of the Creaghs in all places where they be, and the reason why they were caled Creaghs, and their pedigree to Eugenius, son of Nial of the Nyne Hostages, son of Eochaymoyvegan, with account of each monarch of Ireland that had been of the ancestors of the said family etc."

Around 500AD three brothers Pierce, Patrick and James commanded the party that forced their way through Creagh Gate (City of Limerick), which is called after their name from that day, because they wore green branches in their helmets, to distingu ish themselves from their enemies, the Danes, whom they captured. (Creagh or Crevaagh = the Irish for a bough, p227)